Parrot MKI9200 Hands Free Kit

The Parrot MKi9200 is one of the new hands-free car kits from Parrot. It combines the latest technologies with the capability to play and stream music from your mp3 player or phone.

•The MKi9200 comes with a large 2.4" colour screen
•The Parrot MKi9200 enables you to establish your phone conversations in your vehicle without needing to handle your telephone, even leaving it in your pocket or handbag.

•The connectors for any type of music are provided with each Mki9200 hands-free kit: iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB keys, USB MP3 players, Bluetooth Stereo devices, and CD players.

•The hands free kit includes an independent RF remote control (wireless) which is positioned on the steering wheel or placed wherever you choose.

•The Parrot MKi9200 car kit uses an efficient external double microphone and the latest software which eliminates environmental and in-car noises. It also features zero-echo and crystal clear conversations.

•The screen of the MKi9200 is detachable from its support when you leave your vehicle for ultimate security.

•The MKi9200 kit includes a music cable is designed to adapt to any sort of digital and analogue music players: iPod/ iPhone connector, a USB connector to plug any USB MP3 player and a Line-In input for analogue sources.

•Mki9200 blue tooth car kits will also connect to any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) source: MP3 player, music phone, smartphones or PDAs.

•The screen also features a SD connector that can access up to 32GB of music.
also a playlist for you to always see what is played.
•All music files are played through the cars speakers (front and back).

•The Mki9200 also has a built-in digital amplifier.

•The MKi9200 will synchronize the names and phone numbers in your mobile phonebooks and will update each time a new entry is detected.

•The Mki9200 recognizes your voice and the names in your address book

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Parrot MKI9200 Hands Free Kit

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