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RAC 05 Dash Cam Super HD

• Super HD quality video resolution of 2340 x 1296p, image resolution of 16 megapixels
• Gather more evidence with the wide angle view of 150 degrees
• Watch back what you recorded on the 2.7 inch LCD screen
• Capture significant footage of an incident to use as evidence with G-sensor technology
• Record your vehicle's speed and location with the build-in GPS
• Film clear footage at night with the enhanced night vision
• Supports up to 64GB worth of footage on a single microSD card, great for long journeys
• Able to record 20 minutes' worth of recording without the power cable
• Speed camera warnings
• Loop record your footage when the memory card is at its full capacity

Special Features

• Parking mode - the dash cam comes alive to record an incident even when the car is parked and the device is in standby

What kind of resolution can this dash cam produce?

With the super HD resolution of 2340 x 1296p, you are able to capture an incident as clear as you watched it happen. With a wide angle lens of 150 degrees you will capture everything that happened on camera. This is great for producing evidence to insurance companies or in court to prove you were not at fault. This will help you win your case and stop your insurance rate increasing.

G-sensor and GPS technology

G-sensor technology measures the movement of your vehicle through three axis; up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards. Information can be used to paint a picture of events in case of an incident. The sensor can also trigger your car camera to respond appropriately. For example you can use it to detect significant or sudden movement and automatically look footage. Track the vehicle's location and speed using the built-in GPS. Prove you were where you said you were and defend yourself from an unwarranted speeding ticket.

Excellent quality night vision

Have no worries about driving at night or on early winter mornings with the infrared night vision. In case of an accident you will be able to film it all with the RAC dash cam. With the infrared night vision camera the footage will be as clear as day if you were to use it as evidence.

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RAC 05 Super HD Dash Cam

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